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2020 "With Love" Grenache

“With Love” is named after the Nenow’s late Great-Grandmother, Helen Drinkward. We had the luxury of knowing her and her effusive personality well into our adult lives, and during that time she was the heartbeat of our family. She created a painting that was a gift to our Great-Grandfather, and in the corner is written: “With Love, Helen”. 

After not producing a varietal Grenache in 2019 due to low yields, our beloved effeminate grape returns a seriousness that I am not used to seeing out of Grenache. The result is an elaborately layered and weighted, yet sternly focused, version of a grape that is typically fruitfully abundant and whimsical and light on its feet.  This is the type of wine that you stick your nose in and leave it there, allowing the array of aromas to cascade over your senses.

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Grenache- Red
Willow Creek
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