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2021 Roesé Magnum

Magnum Addition! 

Our second Rose release is a testament to the fact that some good things came out of 2020. It is made in a Provencal style, meaning that it is made similarly to white wine and has a lot of the same characteristics of a white wine but with a fun twist. Grenache grapes from the Rolph Family Vineyard in West Paso Robles were farmed and harvested with the intention of making Rose from the grapes. This means great attention was paid to the clusters of grapes that would make the best Rose and all other clusters were cut off the vine and dropped on the ground well before harvest. At harvest we harvested the grapes earlier than we would for red wine to maintain a healthy amount of acidity within the grapes and a lower alcohol. From there the grapes were destemmed, tread by foot, and allowed to soak on the skins overnight in order to steep the perfect amount of color out of the grapes. After being pressed the Rose was fermented in a stainless steel tank and bottled 4 months after harvest. What we got was a perfectly blush pink Rose with a tinge of neon orange to it that is citrus and melon driven on both the nose and palate, but with a floral undertone of lilac and oleander flower. Just complex enough to stand up to food, but approachable and refreshing enough for a casual day by the pool or at the beach. 


2021 Roesé Magnum
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