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2020 Elevens

The number Eleven is universally known to enter everyone’s life from time to time. Whether you look at the clock at 11:11 more often than just by chance, or happen to see it consistently wherever you go. It is said that if you are seeing the number 11 in this way, you are a person seeking balance.

Elevens is back and potentially one of my favorite blends to date. Grenache and Syrah from Fulldraw Vineyard along with additional Grenache and some added Mourvedre from Alta Colina Vineyard. This was our first year working with the McMahons at Fulldraw and their illustrious site in the Willow Creek District didn’t disappoint. Both the Grenache and Syrah combine concentrated and forceful flavors with soft yet impregnating tannins. Alta Colina contributes heady and intense aromatics with a bit more weight in the mid-palate that pulls and ties the whole palate together seamlessly.

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2020 Elevens
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Rhone Blend
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