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2020 "With Love" Grenache Magnum

The rarest of our releases! Celebrate or cellar something very special with one of our magnum edition vintages. Minimally produced, maximum impression. Eighteen produced.

After not producing a varietal Grenache in 2019 due to low yields, our beloved effeminate grape returns a seriousness that I am not used to seeing out of Grenache. Most likely from the addition of Fulldraw Vineyard Grenache, which is a vineyard that demands patience when waiting for the right time to harvest. Despite rising sugar levels in the grapes, a searing acidity persists in the grapes that leaves you watching and waiting for the right moment to pick, but comes with the benefit of being able to use stems and whole cluster bunches at will in the fermentation. The result is an elaborately layered and weighted, yet sternly focused, version of a grape that is typically fruitfully abundant and whimsical and light on its feet. The latter is a better description for the Alta Colina portion of the blend, which is likely the most singularly expressive wine that we make each year. The combination of the two is a shy wine at first glance but with some aerating and opening up, a beautifully complex and riveting version unfolds. The type of wine that you stick your nose in and leave it there, allowing the array of aromas to cascade over your senses. 

Focused rock candy and lilac notes hit like a pillow on the senses, and a sweet raspberry jelly compote interludes before wafts of sea salt and charred leather with an orange pith twist. Elusively complex and layered, the waves of aromas all hit with an astonishing softness and elegance. Flavors of spritzy dragon fruit and strawberry control the entry, balanced by a subtle tobacco and a chanterelle earthiness. Much like the nose, the wine hits the palate softly, but builds increasingly to a moderately textured mid-palate and consistent acidity with notes of Cola and soy sauce. Finishes with fruitful red currants and a polished acidity.

“With Love” is named after the Nenow’s late Great-Grandmother, Helen Drinkward. We had the luxury of knowing her and her effusive personality well into our adult lives, and during that time she was the heartbeat of our family. She created a painting that was a gift to our Great-Grandfather, and in the corner is written: “With Love, Helen”. 

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Grenache- Red
Willow Creek
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